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"Yayoi Kusama" by Marcov

Oil paint on canvas
16x20 inches


"Blue Jasmine" by Marcov

Oil paint on canvas

Self Portrait

Pastel and Oil paint on paper glued to canvas
16x20 inches

Artist Statement

I use artistic expression to comment on issues of self-awareness and identity.

The relationship or connection between the mask-like aesthetic and the “wearer” of this “facade” is central to my discourse. I refer to them as, Maskeriti: a people that feel intrinsically linked to their outward appearance, that feel naked without their masks.

My work is not an attempt to separate the person from the masks they wear. Instead, I investigate the concept of the mask and it’s role as the perceived representation or projection of a person. In a society that deals with a global pandemic and health, the role of the mask has become a symbol of hope. Yet, in an age where social media and working remotely keeps us connected, our appearances we project unto the world become more disconnected, more mask-like.

Our curiosities, however, want us to peek behind the curtain and see the true version of ourselves and others. We long for meaning and depth and truth.

But fear keeps the Maskeriti hidden behind the veneer of values and beliefs subconsciously projected by themselves unto those around them. They end up too afraid to be their true selves, and they have only themselves to blame.


Biography (abridged)

Marcov is the pseudonym for Marco John Versfeld. He was formally trained in photography, classical portraiture and digital media design before studying, drawing, painting and sculpture. He started his creative journey as a portrait photographer for Walt Disney in Florida, USA. As a professional designer, Marco has worked with Agencies in Canada, South Africa and New Zealand.

A near-fatal bus accident in 2013 saw Marco change his life around. He starting training in triathlon. In 2014 he competed at the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Germany after winning Silver at the African Triathlon Championships. In 2019 Marco again qualified for the world arena by qualifying for the 70.3 IRONMAN World Championships in France. In 2020 he acknowledged that he has achieved his triathlon goals and due to the global pandemic decided to retake to art-making, ending a four-year hiatus.

Marco is a synesthete and uses his unique relationship with colour to translate current concepts, topics on identity and emotion into artworks.


Honours Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts: Won the best Visual Art Student award during his 3rd year; National Diploma Professional Photography; National Diploma Digital Media Design; Trained NLP Linquist and Coach


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